When shipping items through containers via ocean, it is very important to securely package the items in order to prevent damage. The customer is liable for the packaging of the shipment. SenCargo Services LLC is not responsible for any damages of any kind. 

To protect your shipment from natural vibration that occurs in transit, use proper cushioning, blocking, bracing, banding, stretch-wrapping, and heavy duty boxes, cardboard boxes, barrels, standard wood or plastic pallets etc.

Here are tips to guide you

  • Do not over-pack. Our agents should be able to safely pick up your shipment. We deem the right to refuse any shipment that is overloaded and too heavy. Packages should not be more than 100lbs.
  • Prepare your packing list. 
  • Do not place tiles in a box or a barrel. Tiles are too heavy and should be packed in pallets and delivered directly to our warehouse.
  • When using a box, please ensure it is sturdy and can hold the weight.
  • Never mix breakables with non breakables. If you don’t have a choice, but the heavy items to the bottom, and sufficient packing between items.
  • When shipping fragile items, we suggest using wood crates.
  • Always pack items in boxes firmly, with appropriate spacing between box walls, and objects inside.
  • Use shrink wrap to protect packages.
  • Use original packaging when available.
  • Don’t ship in used or worn cardboard boxes.
  • Use proper inner packaging (i.e., Styrofoam inserts, Styrofoam “peanuts”, bubble wrap).
  • Don’t use improper inner packaging (i.e., cloth, blankets).
  • Use permanent markers to label package(s) or print the Sencargo shipping label HERE.
  • Remove old labels and obliterate old marking on the package(s).
  • Please read our terms and conditions.