A driver can come by to pick up your shipment during the selected pick up date in your area for a fixed rate. 

Pick up dates and times are set based along a route for each location. If the date and time does not work for you, we can quote you for a special pick up or you can drop off your shipment at our warehouse open Monday – Friday 9AM – 3PM

When picking up your shipment, please ensure that your items are well packed, labeled and ready by the door

on-route pick up locations and rates

Fixed pick up rates are based on pick ups along the same route. This is a low-cost pick up option. We will inform you ahead, the date and time of pick up. Additional charges may apply for large and or heavy shipments, long distances along the route and apartment buildings with no elevator access

Pick Up Rate $20
Manhattan, NY
Bronx, NY
Queens, NY
Staten Island, NY
Brooklyn, NY 
Northern New Jersey
Central New Jersey
Philadelphia, PA

Pick Up Rate $50
South New Jersey
Rhode Island
Springfield, MA
Washington, DC

We can quote for a special pick up (if possible) if the on route pick up option is not convenient for you