car shipping via container

We ship new and used vehicles via container. We do not accept damaged cars and all vehicles must run and drive. We offer you a choice between personal and shared containers (only for Senegal) of various sizes (20, 40 and 45 ft). Shipment of shared containers has its advantages in terms of economic efficiency. This is the cheapest way. You share the shipping cost between all the vehicles in the container. And sometimes, this method may be the only cost effective. You can send your personal belongings in the car at no extra charge. With a personal container, your vehicle does not share space with any other vehicles and you can ship other goods with it. We take care of the booking, loading, documentation and US customs process. Upon delivering your car to our warehouse, we must have the title, bill of sales (if the car was just bought) and one copy of the key. Please make sure you know all the vehicles customs rules and regulations of the country of destination. 

roll-on RolL-off (RORO)

Experience hassle-free vehicle shipping with RoRo (Roll-on Roll-off) service. Your vehicle will be delivered to the port, and loaded onto the ship, either within the vessel or on deck for oversized cargo. RoRo offers efficiency and cost-effectiveness, ensuring reliable departure and arrival dates. We will take care of all the documentation to have your car delivered seamlessly at the port. 

Port of Cotonou 

Tema Port

Lagos Port

Port Autonome de Dakar

Lome Sea Port